Marie  Møller Udvang

Marie Møller Udvang



  • Greenlandic as a foreign language (danish-Greenlandic
  • Westgreenlandic, Greenlandic
  • Translation and interpreting (Greenlandic-Danish)

Fields of interest

  • Language didactics (Greenlandic)
  • Translation theory/criticism (Danish/Greenlandic)

Current research

  • Last call - Greenlandic dialects as linguistic heritage: is a collaboration between University of Copenhagen, Institute og Nordic Studies and linguistics, Greenlandic and Arcitc Studies, Institute of Cross Culture and Reginal Studies, Language Research Center, Ilisimatusarfik and National Museum and Archives, Greenland and National Museum, Denmark.  The project aims to collect analyse and disseminate Greenlandic dialects through interdisciplinary collaboration between Greenlandic and Danish institutions.

ID: 33284487