Marianne Madsen Kirk

Marianne Madsen Kirk

PhD fellow

Member of:

    My PhD project Teaching the Holocaust in Danish secondary schools investigates the cultural memory of the Holocaust in Denmark focusing on the Danish education system and how young adults aged 13 to 16 with different national, cultural, and religious backgrounds make sense of memory accounts about the Holocaust presented in school textbooks and other teaching materials.

    The project is supervised by Tea Sindbæk Andersen (ToRS), co-supervised by Jessica Ortner (EnGeRom), and Lene Kofoed Rasmussen (University College Absalon) and financed by PhD Council for Educational Research

    Further interests:

    • European memory politics
    • Transcultural and transnational dynamics of memory productions
    • Post-sowjet migrant literature in Germany
    • Holocaust memory culture in Denmark
    • Literary translations and networks

    ID: 334151547