Rachael Jane Dann

Rachael Jane Dann

Ekstern forsker

Primary fields of research

My doctoral research (Aesthetics and Identity at Qustul and Ballana, Lower Nubia c. 380-500AD) was a reinterpretation of the material remains in the X-Group royal tombs of Lower Nubia. The sites of Qustul and Ballana remain a central research concern, and itend to further investigate the material culture from the sites which dates to earlier periods. 

Archaeological theory remains a central aspect of my ongoing research, and this currently relates to archaeology and the senses, aesthetics and archaeologies of the body, particularly with reference to North-East Africa.

I co-direct (with Geoff Emberling of the University of Michigan)  the excavations at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of El Kurru in North Sudan, the 25th Dynasty royal cemetery site. The project is generously funded by the Qatar Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP). We work at the site in collaboration with Professor Abbas Sidahmed Zarroug


Current research

 Excavations at El Kurru, Sudan.

Conservation, epigraphy and publication of the 25th Dynasty tombs of Queen Qalhata and King Tanwetamani at El Kurru

Art, Archaeology and Sensory Knowledge 


 Undergraduate Teaching

Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology

Archaeology: Theory, Technique and Method

From Hunter-gatherers to the Neolithic period (Out of Africa to the Badarian period in North East Africa)

Complex Society I (Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology of the 4th mill BC) 

Complex Society II (research themes in Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the historic periods)

The Archaeology of Death

BA Project Supervision: Topics in North East African archaeology, archaeological theory

Postgraduate Teaching 

International Presentation/Berlin-Copenhagen Seminar 

Critical Analysis

Grenstudie (by arrangement)

KA supervision and PhD supervision by arrangement


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