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Pernille Friis Jensen

Pernille Friis Jensen

PhD fellow

Current research

My research interrest includes Religious organizations, Religion and Gender, Islam in Denmark, Individual Beliefs and Practices, and No-Religion. 

Before academia, I worked as an officer in the Danish Immigration Service, Ministry of Immigration and Integration. I hold a graduate degree in Sociology of Religion from the University of Copenhagen, as well as a bachelor's degree in Science of Religion.

The title of my PhD-project is Gender and Generational Counter-power in the Mosques. Looking at possibilities and barriers to involvement in, management and andattendance of mosque activitiy and production of counter-strategies among young Mulism women, I am interested in continuity and change in Muslim authority and organization. Thus, the main aim of the project is to provide an empirical insight into the complexity of gender norms and power relations in and around the mosque. 

ID: 182570024