Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe

Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe

PhD fellow

Current research

As a part of the Rearticulating Islam project financed by VELUX FONDEN I am working with the phD project 'Muslim Women's Islamic Educational Activities'. Rearticulating Islam is led by Simon Stjernholm who is also supervising my PhD project.
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My research consist of participant observations of classes in mosques, Quran study circles and the like, that have female teachers and participants, and of interviews with the participating women. Based on this data I will look into what these women's engagement with Islamic knowledge means for their identification as Muslims and for their possibilities of playing autoritative roles both in their own lives, in their families and in the mosque milieus.
The project also raises questions of generational shifts among Danish Muslims. While the older generations of Muslims in Denmark are mostly immigrants with a national background in countries with a majority of Muslims, younger Danish Muslims have usually been born and raised in Denmark. I will look into what this difference means for the younger women's religious practice and how it differs from the older one's. 

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