Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe

Maria Lindebæk Lyngsøe

Assistant lecturer

My research focus is Islam in Denmark with a special attention to Muslim women's religious roles and everyday religious practices. Especially, I have researched into educational spheres of learning Islam, and my PhD project asks how and why Danish Muslim women engage in Islamic education. In this project I have found that the women in creative and various ways seek to keep up a continuous engagement as teachers and students of Islam. This engagement, I also show, is closely related to a wish to stay continuously related to God and the divine in one's everyday life. In that way, I am very interested in what it means to be a pious or actively engaged religious subject in practicing in an everyday life of many obligations and entanglements. 

My project is part of the research project Rearticulating Islam, led by Simon Stjernholm and financed by VELUX Fonden. 

In addition, I am especially interested in the Quran as a text and a materiality, in ontological questions, in theory within the study of religion, and in the development of ethnographic methods as a part of religious studies, including digitial ethnography.

ID: 216415823