Seraina Nett

Seraina Nett

External Lecturer

I am an Assyriologist working with the two main languages of Ancient West Asia, Sumerian and Akkadian, primarily focusing on the period between 2100 and 1200 BCE.

Primary fields of research

I am interested in the social and economic history of the Ancient Near East, particularly in the interaction between different linguistic, ethnic and social groups and in the study of the Ancient Near East in a broader interdisciplinary and comparative context.

My main research interests fall within the following three areas:

  • Social and economic history of the Ancient Near East, particularly during the late 3rd and early 2nd millennium BCE
  • The languages and linguistic diversity of the Ancient Near East, particularly in terms of language use and multilingualism; and the linguistics of Sumerian and Akkadian on a more general level
  • Digital Humanities and the use of digitisation, computerised tools, and statistical and analytical tools for the study of ancient documents


I have ample experience teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses in Sumerian and Akkadian language, as well as general courses on the political, social, economic, and cultural history and archaeology of Ancient Mesopotamia.

ID: 15621913