Sofie Schiødt

Sofie Schiødt

Research assistant

A History of Medicine and Health: The Diffussion of Ancient Egyptian Medical Knowledge

My PhD project centers on two ancient Egyptian medical papyri in the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection (P. Carlsberg 8 and P. Carlsberg 917). Both date to the New Kingdom (c. 1400 BCE) and remain largely unpublished and unknown to scholarship. Since the extant corpus of ancient Egyptian medical texts is very small (it has been estimated that as little as 0.01 percent survive), the publication of the Carlsberg medical papyri is of considerable importance in allowing for a better, more coherent understanding of Egyptian medicine, health, and disease. My project consists of translating these unpublished papyri and contextualizing them within a socio-cultural setting.

Supervisor: Prof. Fredrik Hagen (Copenhagen). Co-supervisors: Prof. Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert (Leipzig) and Prof. Kim Ryholt (Copenhagen).

Start date: September 2017.

ID: 140462694