Sofie Schiødt

Sofie Schiødt


Medicine and Medical Science in Ancient Egypt: A Publication of Papyrus Louvre-Carlsberg

The purpose of my postdoc project is to produce a text edition of an ancient Egyptian medical papyrus, part of which is owned by the Louvre Museum and part of which is owned by the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection in Copenhagen. The manuscript, Papyrus Louvre-Carlsberg, dates to c. 1450 BCE and is the second-longest medical papyrus to survive from ancient Egypt. It measures just over 6 meters in length but would originally have been significantly longer than this, as some sections are missing. Since the extant corpus of ancient Egyptian medical texts is very small, the publication of Papyrus Louvre-Carlsberg is of considerable importance in allowing for a better, more coherent understanding of Egyptian medicine, health, and disease.

The publication of the papyrus is planned for 2022 as a collaboration between the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection and the Louvre Museum.

My postdoc project is generously funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.


Project start date: March 2021.

ID: 140462694