Amanda Brødsgaard

Amanda Brødsgaard

PhD fellow

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    I have a master's in Japan Studies from University of Copenhagen, and have spent most of my studies on exploring the relationship between Japanese robotics and techno-nationalism. My PhD project is a continuation of this interest, and will focus on the impact of innovation policy in Japan on the creation of advanced technology (in this case, humanoid robots) and how robotics, techno-nationalism, policy and society are engaged in an act of co-creation in Japan.

    Primary fields of research

    My key research areas are concerned with the interaction between technology and humans, as well as the ways technological imaginaries shape our world. I am especially interested in:

    • Robot technology in Japan and the notion of Japan as a country where robots are universally "loved"
    • Science and Technology Studies (STS) and the co-creation of technology and society
    • The multiplicity of the robot as a figure

    Current research

    My project is called "Techno-nationalism and the Land of the Rising Robots: The Japanese government's co-construction of policy and technoscience". The project aims to examine the role of the Japanese government, robotics industry and the public in the co-construction of science and technology in Japan and Japanese techno-nationalism.

    My advisor is Marie Højlund Roesgaard, Associate Professor in Japan Studies.

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