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PhD fellow

Member of:

    Urban Poor Activism and its Political Struggles in Metropolitan Jakarta

    My dissertation is about urban poor activism in Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, and how the activists struggle for changing the rampant urban poverty problematic in a transformative way. The focus is on how the activists try to bring about urban resistance amongst the poor city dwellers by framing and using the urban poor problematic as a political issue. The project aims at situating urban poor activism on the wider political map of the city, tracks down its development over time from the 1990s until today and tries to figure out what are the possible trends and impacts of popular urban poor activism and resistance in Jakarta in the future.


    Fields of interest

    • Political activism
    • Post-critical theory
    • Creation of ideology
    • Socio-economic change
    • Political transformation
    • Progressive movements



    Summer semester 2015

    • "Indonesia 1965-68 in Context" (guest lecture at NUS Southeast Asia in Context Summer School's fieldtrip to Solo/Central Java)

    Fall semester 2014-2015

    • Introduction to Southeast Asian History (course)

    Summer semester 2014

    • Contemporary Issues in Southeast Asia (course)
    • “People Power and Democracy in Indonesia” (guest lecture for the “Images of Asia” lecture series at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen)
    • Bahasa Indonesia 1 (course)
    • Bahasa Indonesia Propædeutik B (course)

    Fall semester 2013-2014

    • “Buddhism in Indonesia & Singapore – From Grand Empire to Marginal Existence” (guest lecture for the “Buddhism Across Asia” lecture series at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen)
    • Bahasa Indonesia Propædeutik A (course)

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