Gülsüm Akbas

Gülsüm Akbas

Teaching Associate Professor

Teaching Turkish language at all levels at the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Society.

Supervision of students on their semester of study abroad.





Areas of teaching and supervision

Teaching Turkish language courses (BA and KA level):




  • Turkish Propaedeutics A (BA)
  • Communicative Turkish with text reading and translation (BA)
  • Community debate with communicative language (the language part) (BA)
  • Media in the Middle East (the language part) (KA)



  • Turkish Propaedeutics B (BA)
  • Literature with literary method (-the language part) (BA)
  • Structure and change (the language part) (KA)
  • (Literature of the Middle East (the language part) (KA))


Areas of interest

Comparative linguistics, translation, literary and cultural analysis, societal debate, language history, web-based teaching.

ID: 1225719