Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen

Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen

Associate Professor

I am the director of the Center for Applied Ecological Thinking (, funded by the VKR Foundation) and collaborate with researchers across UCPH Faculty of the Humanities as well as other institutions and groups engaged in green transformations.

I am PI of the project "Climate Justice Temporalities", funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, in which a 4-person research team investigate idea formations, cultural connotations and political impacts around climate justice in Denmark.

I was PI of the project “How can the Covid19-crisis strengthen the green transition in Denmark?” funded by Velux. Currently, I am co-PI of the Network for Global Justice and the Environmental Humanities: Transformative engagements between academia and civil society.

My main research interest are centered on ecocultural climate futures and the history of environmental movements. I have worked with the political development of the global climate justice movement with a focus on economic, cultural and political ideas emerging from campaigns and mobilization. In my work, I combine new theoretical frameworks and historical experiences for understanding rapid transformation in light of the climate crisis. Recently, I have investigated the role of climate justice in affluent countries in light of commitments to the Paris agreement, focusing on historical responsibilities.

I engage in transdisciplinary research, teaching and communication on climate, sustainability and ecosocial transformation across humanities, sociology, economics and political ecology.

ID: 287045411