Mikhail Suslov

Mikhail Suslov

Associate Professor

I am trained as a historian, but currently my research pertains mostly to post-Soviet and present-day Russia. Anyway, I was always interested in ideologies, utopias, and political imagination. My publications are mostly about the right-wing and conservative political ideas, about those who produce them: political and cultural figures and religious intellectuals, - and about the ways in which these ideas are produced: political discourses, academic and pseudo-academic works, science fiction, media memes and so on. My most recent co-edited volumes are: Contemporary Russian Conservatism: Problems, Paradoxes and Dangers (Leiden: Brill, 2019), and The Post-Soviet Politics of Utopia: Language, Fiction and Fantasy in Russia (London: Bloomsbury, 2019).

Main fields of research

  • Russian intellectual history
  • ideologies and utopias
  • geopolitics and geopolitical ideas
  • Russian Orthodox Church 
  • Contemporary Russian politics


  • Contemporary Russian politics and society
  • Russian history
  • Liberal vs illiberal democracy
  • Identity politics in Eastern Europe
  • General history of Eastern and Southern Europe


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