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Özlem Has

Özlem Has

PhD fellow

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    Fields of Interest

    Middle East Studies, Modern Turkey History, Kurdish Studies, Ethnic Conflict, Law and Violence, State of Emergency, Necropolitics, Paramilitary Groups

    Current Research

    Project Title: The Structured Agencies of Paramilitaries in the Kurdish-Turkish Conflict

    Description: The ongoing war between the Turkish state and the Kurdish guerrilla organization PKK has transformed Turkey’s mostly Kurdish-populated southeast into a conflict zone and a state of emergency rule has been experienced there between 1987 and 2002. This project is about the involvement of pro-state paramilitary units in the conflict.

    The main focus of the project is to rethink structure-agency relations in the context of the emergency region and paramilitary groups. While the state of emergency rule in southeast provided an extra-legal structure, which gave an additional agency to the paramilitaries to facilitate state-sponsored crimes, actors of these crimes were generally recorded as “unknown.” The main motivation behind this project is to reveal the agencies of “unknown actors” through their own words (published memoirs, interviews, confessions) in light of their nationalistic motivations.

    Supervisors: Rasmus Christian Elling, Isa Blumi (Co-Supervisor)

    Start Date: September 2017

    ID: 182565937