Mostafa Shehata

Mostafa Shehata


I received a PhD in political communication from Roskilde University in 2018, which focused on media and contentious politics in Egypt, and I worked at the same University thereafter as external lecturer. I also joined the University of Copenhagen in 2019 as a post-doctoral researcher working within a multidisciplinary collaborative project (Mediatized Diaspora), which addresses media and contentious politics among the Arab diaspora in Europe. I have then followed the same line of political and intercultural communication at Menoufia University in Egypt where I started a new position as assistant professor. 


Current research

In a multidisciplinary collaborative project (Mediatized Diaspora), I have been working specifically on how transnational media might have shaped the Tunisian diaspora’s understanding of, and interaction with, political transformations in post-revolutionary Tunisia. I have also started working with a big group of journalism scholars from all parts of the world to investigate in a new project (Global Risk Journalism) the way journalists across all societies cover Covid-19 in their day-to-day practice.


Fields of interest

Political communication — Intercultural communication — Diaspora — Social Movements — The Middle East — Collective/connective actions — Media and communication — Mediatization — Political participation — Media and power — Quantitative research — Qualitative research. 


Research projects

1- Mediatized diaspora (MEDIASP) - Contentious politics among Arab media users in Europe

2- Global risk journalism (GRJH)



ID: 213312361