Petek Onur

Petek Onur

Ekstern forsker

Petek Onur is a sociologist. She received her PhD from Department of Sociology at Middle East Technical University, Turkey with the thesis entitled “Changing Discourse on Women and Islam in Turkey in Ethnographic Studies”.

She received Sabancı University, Gender and Women’s Studies Center of Excellence, 2018 Şirin Tekeli Research Award with her research “Yeni Osmanlı Kına Geceleri ve Saray Nostaljisi içinde Kadınlar” (“New Ottoman Henna Nights and Women in Palace Nostalgia”).

She is the author of “The Politics of Nostalgia: The New Urban Culture in Ankara’s Historic Neighbourhoods” in The Politics of Culture in Contemporary Turkey edited by P. Hecker, I. Furman and K. Akyıldız, published by Edinburgh University Press (2022).

Her current project “Gendered Nostalgia: Neo- Ottomanism in Islamist Women’s Media in Turkey” is funded by EC Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships and she is a researcher at The Many Roads in Modernity Research Centre. 

She is the co-editor of the forthcoming edited volume Neo-Ottoman Imagineries in Contemporary Turkey with Prof. Catharina Raudvere.

Primary fields of research

Islam and gender, nostalgia, urban culture, neo-Ottomanism, media, Islamism in Turkey

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