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Trine Stauning Willert

Trine Stauning Willert



I teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as

  • History of Greece (1800-present)
  • History of Greek culture and literature (1800-present)
  • Identity formations in contemporary Greek culture and society
  • Perceptions of East and West in Greece diachronically
  • Religion in Greece
  • The historical novel in Greece

Primary fields of research

Negotiations of identity in various apects of Greek culture and society (the school system, the Orthodox Church of Greece, historiography and literature)

Current research

As an associate of the research center Many Roads in Modernity I am currently working on the following project:

The Ottoman Period in Contemporary Greek Literature

The project aims at examining contemporary Greek literary representations of cultural and social identities in the period of Ottoman rule and to situate them in relation to the broader context of identity discourses in Greece. On the background of earlier writers’ efforts not only to come to terms with the pre-national Ottoman past but also to inscribe Greek letters into a European or more broadlyWestern literary tradition this project analyzes a number of contemporary historical novels (1989-2011) along thematic categories such as ‘historical truth and the truth of others’, ‘lost homelands and nostalgia’, ‘co-existence and cosmopolitanism’, and ‘the European context – east and west’. Through in-depth analyses of recent historical novels the project focuses in particular on how the novels’ representation of characters and living conditions in the Ottoman societies can be interpreted as comments on contemporary society by using the past either as a mirror and an explanation of problems in the present or as a source of a longed for model of society be it from a national group perspective or a supra-national (multicultural/ cosmopolitan, ‘imperial’) perspective.

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