Claudia Itzel Alvarado Leon

Claudia Itzel Alvarado Leon


I’m a Mesoamerican archaeologist from Mexico doing a Postdoc at Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies. I’m working within the project The origin and development of the Central Mexican writing systems and calendars (ca. 200-1600 CE) (De centralmexicanske skriftsystemers og kalenderes oprindelse og udvikling (ca. 200-1600 e.v.t)with PI Christophe Helmke and Jesper Nielsen. My research focuses on social organization within epiclassical societies (A.D. 650-1100), their economic and cultural interactions, and the processes of their arise and fall. Since 2003 I have been working the archaeological site of Xochicalco and collaborating with other researchers that main interest are contemporaneous sites.

In addition to my main research, I have been working with the classification and analysis of an extraordinary and unique collection of small stone statuettes from Xochicalco, as well as in the Middle Usumacinta Archaeological Project conducted by the University of Arizona which focal point is the Preclassic Mesoamerican period (1000-350 B.C.).

Primary fields of research

Mesoamerica; Central Mexico; Archaeology; Epiclassic

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