Sara Creta

Sara Creta


I'm an award-winning documentary-maker and interdisciplinary researcher with an academic background on Political Communication, International Relations, and Human Rights. My scholarly work focuses on the intersection of technology, transitional justice, human rights law, and fundamental freedoms.

I have spent the last decade bearing witness to the world’s most urgent humanitarian and human rights crises. My latest feature documentary Libya, No Escape From Hell has been nominated for the Albert Londres Prize, the highest French journalistic distinction. I work extensively using open-source investigation techniques and my latest data-driven investigation produced for the BBC’s Africa Eye 'Death on the Border' documents with exceptional and forensic detail the deaths at the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Spain.

I hold a PhD in Journalism from Dublin City University, where I have been awarded a Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowship to conduct research at the Institute for Future Media, Democracy and Society

Since March 2023, I've also been a postdoctoral researcher on the Views of Violence: Images as Documentary, Evidentiary and Affective project. I reflect on the practice of filming violence and the high value that continues to be placed on the power of visual media to bear witness and to stimulate social change, especially in communities with limited access to certain technology.


Given my range of skills and experiences across the fields of media research and journalism as well as my deep commitment to journalistic integrity and human rights, I have trained journalists on practice-based modules on multimedia storytelling, open source techniques and media ethics. I have taught theory and practice-based modules and offered training at Al Jazeera Media Institute on open-source investigation and fact-checking.  

ID: 336998391