Ground Stone Tools and Past Foodways

The 3rd Meeting of the Association for Ground Stone Tools Research

The conference aims to bring together archaeologists and other researchers with an interest in the study and analysis of ground stone tools from around the world. The general theme of the 3rd meeting will be Ground Stone Tools and Past Foodways. We therefore particularly invite colleagues to submit papers that discuss the relationship between ground stone tools and the production and consumption of food and past foodways. However, following the original aims of AGSTR, contributions dealing with sourcing, technology, use-wear and residue analyses or other aspects of the study of ground stone tools are of course also warmly invited. We also encourage the submission of posters.

The conference will take place at the Faculty of Humanities at the South Campus of the University of Copenhagen, which is situated on the island of Amager in Copenhagen. The meeting will include a visit to the National Museum of Denmark and an optional excursion to other museums and archaeological sites in the vicinity of Copenhagen.

English is the official language for the conference.

Tentative schedule





Thursday, 12/9

Registration & Presentations

Presentations & Poster session

Reception at the Faculty of Humanities

Friday, 13/9


Visit to the National Museum of Denmark


Saturday, 14/9



Conference Dinner

Sunday, 15/9

Excursion to see archaeological sites and museums in the region around Copenhagen












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