Amos Farooqi

Amos Farooqi

PhD fellow

Member of:

    Doctor of Philosophy in Korean Studies, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022 – Present

    Dissertation Submission Date: 31/01/2025

    Specialization: Contemporary Korean Culture

    Additional Fields: Modern Korean History, Korean Popular Culture, North Korean Society and Politics, International Relations and Politics.

    Master of Arts in Korean Studies, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2017

    Thesis: “Regional Rhythms: Networking Identities in Local Korean Hip-Hop Scenes in Relation to the Mainstream Music Industry” (examines the formation and condition of regional local hip-hop scenes in Korea and their relationship with the mainstream music industry based in Seoul)

    Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Concentration on Asia), Fordham University, New York, New York, 2013

    ID: 298431326