PhD – University of Copenhagen

Bani Gill

Bani Gill

PhD fellow, Part-time lecturer

Member of:

    South South Mobilities: An Ethnographic Exploration of West African Transnational Mobility to India


    This PhD research engages with migratory movements in the Global South, with a specific focus on migration from the African continent to India.By providing an ethnographic account of West African migrants living in and negotiating the city of Delhi, this research explores the multiplicity of trajectories, aspirations and structural imperatives that not only inform circulation from Africa to India, but also contributes towards towards the 'homing' of Delhi by a racialised 'Other'. At the same time, this project seeks to destablize sedentaristic understandings of migration, dominated by South- North models and frameworks, and discusses flows within the Global South through the crucial prism of transnational mobility, transiency and precarity.

    ID: 127319975