Head of department

Annika Hvithamar
Office: 10-3-05
Phone: +45 35 33 65 35

Has the main responsibility for the department's overall decision-making and day-to-day management, including planning and allocating tasks within the management team and in general at the department. Ex officio member of the Faculty of Humanities executive management.

Deputy head of department: research

Trine Brox
Lokale 10-4-39
Tlf. 51 30 29 65

Takes care of the research development of the department, including the facilitation of initiatives to attract external research funding. Head of the research committee of the department.

Deputy head of department: education, Head of studies

Jesper Nielsen
Office: 10-3-33
Phone: +45 35 32 73 44

Takes care of the planning, quality, coherence and development of the department's degree programmes and teaching. Is in regular dialogue with programme coordinators and study board on the range of courses offered and course evaluations.

Head of administration

Tim Møller Jørgensen
Office: 10-3-16
Phone: +45 24 62 33 72


Is responsible for finance and administration and is the HR manager for the department’s administrative staff.

Head of the section in Strandgade

Søren Thue Thuesen
Strandgade 100 H
Phone: +45 35 32 96 66
Fax: +45 35 32 96 61