Conference: Regime-Critical Media and Arab Diaspora: Challenges and Opportunities post-Arab Spring

The conference is hosted by the project Mediatized diaspora (MEDIASP): Contentious Politics among Arab Media Users in Europe, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

After the Arab Spring, political developments in the Arab countries have varied from sustained civil war in Syria and Yemen to fragile political democracy in Tunisia; from successive regime changes in Egypt to regime maintenance in Bahrain; and from ongoing uprisings in Sudan to “successful” pressure against the regime to resign in Algeria. These developments have a direct impact on the conditions for regime-critical and politically mobilized media and for Arab diasporas living outside the Arab world. Regime-critical media have faced new restrictions and challenges in the Middle Eastern and North African countries post-Arab Spring, letting several media to move to other countries. Likewise, the situation of political activists either still living in the Middle East or in diaspora has greatly changed and their contributions have taken on a new significance.

The overall questions are: how do regime-critical media produced for the Middle Eastern or North-African audiences meet new challenges and opportunities? How do Middle Eastern and North-African diaspora groups mobilize politically and engage in transnational political activities? How does the audiences’ use of regime-critical media influences political action formation in diaspora?

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Registration is required but there is no registration fee. The conference does not cover travel or accommodation costs for participants. 

Deadline for registration is 31 August.

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