Lisa Yeomans

Lisa Yeomans

Associate Professor

I am a zooarchaeologist interested in understanding the intricacies, causes and consequences of shifts in the entangled history of humans, animals and environments on a global scale, whilst datasets utilised in my current research primarily derive from southwest Asia. My research focuses around several broad, interrelated themes: using zooarchaeological evidence to further our understanding of past environments, human subsistence strategies and changing human-animal interactions such as the shift to animal management.

I am PI of the project “Birds as a key line of evidence for human vulnerability and resilience to environmental shifts in a pre-agricultural context.” This research will develop geometric morphometric and proteomic methods of identification for waterfowl remains allowing detailed environmental reconstructions. These methods are currently applied to archaeological evidence from Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene wetlands in Eastern Jordan.

My work also questions how our understanding of past human-animal interactions provides insight into the current biodiversity crisis and I strongly believe in the importance of leveraging traditional ecological knowledge in promoting a sustainable future for humans, non-human animals and the environment.

Having worked extensively as a field archaeologist, I am interested in the development of excavation methodologies.

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