Cross-Cultural Studies

CCS is part of the latest international interdisciplinary research in fields related to the study of cultural encounters, religious and political conflicts, intercultural communication, minority/majority processes, multilingualism, innovation, urbanisation and globalization.

CCS facilitates research in fields often dominated by asymmetric power and normative relationships, and in which complex patterns of action, self-understanding and dynamic negotiations of meaning also play a key role. Uniquely, the research is based on problems in global humanities in a wide range of disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology of religion, philosophy, comparative literature, materiality studies, global urban studies, sociology, regional studies, history and humanistic cultural studies. The research focuses on the different ways in which people experience and organise culture around the world, and how cultural importance is created, maintained and challenged. The research often takes as its starting point the prevailing circumstances in specific regions, with particular attention to phenomena and processes that transcend cultural, social and religious borders, both within the region in question and between regions.

 CCS combines state of the art research with concrete case work on pertinent societal issues. Societal challenges are reflected in the research taking place at CCS, which addresses empirical contexts, where these challenges play out. The ambition is to engage the perceptions, experiences, and articulations in these social and cultural contexts in order to explore their theoretical and epistemological underpinnings. CCS has a set of research strands that we currently engage. One strand of research engages central questions of innovation, green transition, waste, and ecology in social and cultural terms. A second strand of research explores the predicament of migration, exile and diaspora in European and non-European contexts engaging both art, participatory interventions and situated ethnographical work. And a third strand of work engages questions of the aftermath of violence, transitional justice, hate speech, emotions and affect as well as complicated relationships between perpetrators and victims.


CCS hosts several research centres, research units and collaborative research projects.

Research centres

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Collaborative research projects


Slovenian folk-pop music at the crossroads of heritage and tourism

15-12-2022 16:00

Guest lecture by Natalija Majsova and Jasmina Šepetavc, University of Ljubljana.

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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Bandak, Andreas Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Comparative Culture Studies +4551302514 E-mail
Brox, Trine Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies +4551302965 E-mail
Brudholm, Thomas Associate Professor Minority Studies +4551302954 E-mail
Crone, Christine Aster Postdoc Comparative Culture Studies +4527593391 E-mail
Dybdal, Emilie PhD Fellow Minority Studies +4535335524 E-mail
Elling, Rasmus Christian Associate Professor Persian Studies +4551303565 E-mail
Fihl, Esther Professor, Emerita Comparative Culture Studies +4540303866 E-mail
Flyvholm, Anne-Mai PhD Fellow Minority Studies +4535324722 E-mail
Frantzen, Mikkel Krause Postdoc Center for Applied Ecological Thinking (CAPE) +4535337308 E-mail
Hastrup, Anders Postdoc Comparative Culture Studies   E-mail
Hedegaard, Marianne Part-time Lecturer Comparative Culture Studies   E-mail
Holst, Birgitte Stampe Postdoc Comparative Culture Studies +4535328147 E-mail
Højer, Lars External Researcher Comparative Culture Studies +4527574424 E-mail
Jacobsen, Stefan Gaarsmand Associate Professor Center for Applied Ecological Thinking (CAPE) +4540499269 E-mail
Johansen, Birgitte Schepelern Associate Professor Minority Studies +4551302570 E-mail
Jyderup, Jesper Lee PhD Fellow Cross-Cultural Studies   E-mail
Koch, Julian Johannes Immanuel Marie Curie Fellow Minority Studies +4535328378 E-mail
Leine, Marie PhD Fellow Minority Studies   E-mail
Munch-Jurisic, Ditte Marie Teaching Associate Professor Minority Studies   E-mail
Sejersen, Frank Associate Professor Greenlandic and Arctic Studies +4540186167 E-mail
Skvirskaja, Vera Associate Professor Comparative Culture Studies   E-mail
Thisted, Kirsten Associate Professor Minority Studies +4520311992 E-mail
Thorsen, Line Marie Postdoc Center for Applied Ecological Thinking (CAPE) +4535329738 E-mail
Willerslev, Rane Affiliate Professor   E-mail