Greenland and arctic studies

Since 1920, the Faculty of Humanities at UCPH has been conducting research into Greenland and the Arctic. The research environment at the Department for Greenland and Arctic Studies includes the internationally renowned Polar Library, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of Arctic material and is updated regularly with the latest literature. 

The research covers interdisciplinary studies of Inuit culture and society (Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Siberia), with a primary focus on Greenlandic culture, languages and society. The research draws on comparative literature, anthropology, linguistics, history and humanistic cultural studies. Researchers study a variety of topics, often with a focus on colonial and post-colonial relationships. 

Over the years, the department has conducted a large number of major research projects and attracted many international visiting researchers. The researchers provide public- and private-sector stakeholders in Denmark, Greenland and abroad with up-to-date knowledge of Arctic conditions and problems, and contribute to research-based critical, comparative and cross-cultural perspectives.

Research projects and partnerships


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