Geographically, the research covers the whole of Asia, from China in the north, India in the west, Indonesia to the south and Japan to the east. The research includes:

Asia and the outside world

The research focuses both on internal relations in Asia and on Asia’s importance in relation to the outside world. It encompasses cultural-historical, sociological and anthropological studies of a wide range of subjects, as well as comparisons and relations between Asia and Europe.

Culture and Society pre-1900

The research includes philological, historical/anthropological and socio-historical studies of Asian cultures and society in Asia before 1900.

Culture and Society post-1900

The research includes historical, anthropological and sociological studies of Asian cultures and societies in after 1900, and touches on themes of modernisation and globalisation.


The research includes literary, historical and historio-bibliographic studies of Asian literatures and authors, including studies of cultural translation.

Collective projects and research centers.


NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Beller-Hann, IldikoAssociate professor Turkish Studies +45 51 30 24 62E-mail
Brox, TrineAssociate professor Tibetology +45 51 30 29 65E-mail
Bunkenborg, MikkelAssociate professor Chinese Studies +45 51 30 25 10E-mail
Delman, JørgenProfessor Chinese Studies +45 51 30 24 40E-mail
Gimpel, DeniseAssociate professor emerita Chinese Studies +45 51 30 35 29E-mail
Harbsmeier, ChristophAffiliate Professor Chinese Studies  E-mail
Hedegaard, MariannePhD Fellow Tibetology  E-mail
Kraayvanger, Anna-LuisePhD Fellow   E-mail
Mehl, Margaret DorotheaAssociate professor Japanese Studies +45 51 30 28 77E-mail
Mirsultan, AysimaPostdoc Chinese Studies  E-mail
Nagashima, YoichiAssociate professor, research and development Japanese Studies +45 51 30 24 96E-mail
Nielsen, BentAssociate professor Chinese Studies +45 51 30 25 11E-mail
Roesgaard, Marie HøjlundAssociate professor Japanese Studies +45 51 30 07 16E-mail
Sand, Erik ReenbergAssociate professor emeritus Science of Religion +45 51 30 26 99E-mail
Steenberg, RunePostdoc Chinese Studies  E-mail
Sørensen, Jørgen PodemannAssociate professor emeritus Science of Religion  E-mail
Wall, BarbaraAssistant professor, tenure track Korean Studies +45 93 56 56 16E-mail
Williams-Oerberg, Elizabeth LaneAssistant professor Tibetology  E-mail
Zysk, Kenneth GregoryProfessor Indology +45 51 30 26 24E-mail