This research area covers a number of themes and specialisations. The researchers work with various geographical, theoretical, methodical and historical focus areas. Several are studying contemporary religion in Denmark, for example in the form of minority religiosity, globalisation and values. Others are experts in different parts of the world and historical eras, including Christianity in Russia, Islam in Bosnia and Turkey, religion in the Roman Empire, European philosophy of religion, the esoteric traditions of the West, Indian tribal religion, contemporary Sufism and pre-Christian Nordic religion.

The religion researchers at ToRS regularly participate in international conferences such as the international Society for the Sociology of Religion (ISSR) and the European Association for the Study of Religion (EASR). In recent years, our researchers’ work has been published via Oxford University Press, I.B. Tauris, Brill and Bloomsbury, among others, as well as in periodicals such as Implicit Religion, Journal of Contemporary Religion, Numen and Journal of Muslims in Europe. The research area’s two professors are responsible for religious history and sociology of religion, respectively.

Collective projects and research centres


Andersen, Peter BirkelundAssociate professor +45 51 30 30 13E-mail
Fiedler, Erik SporonPhD Fellow +45 23 95 73 45E-mail
Hvithamar, AnnikaAssociate professor, head of studies +45 21 32 82 85E-mail
Jacobsen, Brian ArlyAssociate professor +45 51 30 24 81E-mail
Jensen, Pernille FriisPhD Fellow  E-mail
Lyngsøe, Maria LindebækPhD Fellow +45 22 81 34 48E-mail
Netterstrøm, Kasper LyPostdoc  E-mail
Raudvere, CatharinaProfessor +45 51 30 30 37E-mail
Rudbøg, TimAssociate professor +45 93 56 56 23E-mail
Stjernholm, SimonAssociate professor +45 51 30 07 01E-mail
Warburg, MargitProfessor +45 51 30 29 35E-mail
Warmind, MortenAssociate professor +45 60 19 87 95E-mail
Westergaard, Peter KurtAssociate professor +45 51 30 08 30E-mail