Study of Religions 

The Study of Religions section examines how religions and their followers form part of and relate to wider social and cultural contexts both historically, sociologically, and philosophically within particular regions and at the intersection of different cultures.

Muslim prayer in Damascus 

Research on religion has a direct influence on societal debates about religion and spirituality, associated values, ideas and attitudes in and outside Denmark in a continuously deepening understanding of the relationship between religion, society and culture. It contributes to the understanding of human nature, nature and the world with both a historical and contemporary view conveyed through news media and cultural events.

Golden Dawn Regalia in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

The department’s researchers within the Study of Religions section have recently contributed to the research fields of Islamic studies, esotericism studies, Nordic religion, Indian tribal religion, philosophy of religion, religion and law, religion and politics, and Roman religion. Our recent research has been published in Danish as well as internationally on, among others, publishing houses like Oxford University Press, I.B. Tauris, Brill and Bloomsbury, as well as in the journals Implicit Religion, Journal of Contemporary Religion, Method & Theory in the Study of Religion Numen and Journal of Muslims in Europe. We also regularly participate in relevant international conferences.




Religious councils and courts in a Danish context

  • Workshop 1: State-of-the-art, concepts and theory. Presentations by primarily researchers (lawyers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists) and Reflective practice Partners (2 March 2023)
  • Workshop 2: Mapping of cases and practice (5 October 2023)
  • Workshop 3: Knowledge as public sector consultancy and policy development (7 December 2023)
  • Post-workshop (29. February 2024): Presentation of white paper


Is religion a private matter?

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Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Andersen, Peter Birkelund Associate Professor Study of Religions +4551303013 E-mail
Brekke, Torkel Affiliate Professor Study of Religions   E-mail
Fiedler, Erik Sporon Postdoc Study of Religions +4523957345 E-mail
Hvithamar, Annika Head of Department Study of Religions +4521328285 E-mail
Jacobsen, Brian Arly Associate Professor Study of Religions +4551302481 E-mail
Lasa, Maximilian External Researcher Study of Religions +4593516020 E-mail
Lyngsøe, Maria Lindebæk External Researcher Study of Religions +4522813448 E-mail
Onur, Petek External Researcher Study of Religions   E-mail
Raudvere, Catharina Professor Study of Religions +4551303037 E-mail
Rudbøg, Tim Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Study of Religions +4593565623 E-mail
Stjernholm, Simon Associate Professor Study of Religions +4551300701 E-mail
Trolle, Astrid Krabbe Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Study of Religions +4535328522 E-mail
Warburg, Margit Professor, Emerita Study of Religions +4551302935 E-mail
Warmind, Morten Associate Professor Study of Religions +4560198795 E-mail
Westergaard, Peter Kurt Associate Professor Study of Religions +4551300830 E-mail