Annika Hvithamar
Annika Hvithamar

Associate Professor / Head of Studies

Fields of interest

As Head of Studies I am responsible for the study programs of Department for Cross Cultural and Regional Studies, both concerning strategical development of the programs as well as the practical planning of the range of courses, evaluation of courses as well as examinations. 

I am responsible for the yearly program assesment of the programs of the whole department and for the yearly program evaluations of individual programs. Also I am responsible for the strategical and didactic quality assurance of the educational programs. Furthermore I have the responsibility for the dialogue with the employer panel, the contact to other parts of the educational system and the development of cooperation agreements with national and international partners concerning the educational programs.

As Head of Studies I conduct PDR with teaching assistant professors and teaching professors, as well with part-time academic staff. I am a member of all hiring comittees concerning employment of full time academic staff. 

Primary fields of research

The contemporary Russian Orthodox Church, migrant Orthodox Christianity, Christian minorities, global Christianity

Current research

Religious change in post-soviet Russia, especially the societal and political role of the Orthodox Church, the relationship between majority and minority religion and the development of post soviet religion. 

Earlier research includes orthodox iconography, historically as well as contemporary, and icons as popular religion. 

Furthermore I specialize in Christian, religious minorities, especially Jehovah's Witnesses.


I teach history of Christianity, historically as well as modern and global time, and thematic areas related to Christianity, eg. iconography, religion in diaspora and the role of Christianity in the educational system. 

I supervise in topics related to Christianity historically and today.

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