Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies

The Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies brings together researchers and stakeholders who are engaged in understanding contemporary processes that impact the manner in which Buddhism is practiced and understood today.

Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies
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While there are many scholars working on Buddhism in contemporary contexts worldwide, very few research centres have been established to concentrate and pool together resources for approaching the study of contemporary Buddhism. At the Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies we aim to bring scholars together to create a fruitful academic environment that furthers research and interest in the field of Contemporary Buddhism.

We hope to reinforce research in Contemporary Buddhism with the viability of this research becoming strengthened and more visible through connecting through a larger network of scholars and others interested in Contemporary Buddhism. In this way we hope to create a supportive environment towards which scholars and others can turn towards and consult with affiliated scholars for expertise and support. 

The Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies is an ideal location for the Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies, since it is also home to an integrated academic environment for the inter-disciplinary study of religion and the study of Asian languages and cultures. Visit our blog


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Associate professor Trine Brox

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Postdoc Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg

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Abrahms-Kavunenko, Saskia Adelle Marie Curie Fellow Tibetologi   E-mail
Brox, Trine Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department Tibetology +4551302965 E-mail
Cho, Yasmin Marie Curie Fellow Tibetology   E-mail
Switek, Beata Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Japanese Studies +4550207655 E-mail