Yoichi Nagashima

Yoichi Nagashima

Associate Professor emeritus

Primary fields of research


Japanese language: modern and classic.

Modern and contemporary Japanese lierature: Mori Ôgai, Iwano Hômei, Abé Kôbô, and Murakami Haruki.

Comparative Literature: Mori Ôgai's translations of Scandinavian literature; Hanc Christian Andersen, August Strindberg, Henrik Ibsen.

Japanese culture and society: Animé, Manga.

Cultural Translation: Cultural relations between Denmark and Japan 

Current research



Cultural relations between Denmark and Japan 1873-1905, a book scheduled to be published in 2009.

    (The first volume covering 1600-1873 was published in 2003.)


 – Exercises in ‘Cultural Translation’ – Mori Ôgai’s Translation of Ibsen’s Plays.


– Analyses of Haruki Murakami's works. 

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