Archiving the Future: Re-Collections of Syria in War and Peace

This research project makes the representation of Syria in war and peace the object of an ethnographic inquiry of image construction. It examines how images and memories reconfigure what Syria was and is and what it is in a process of becoming for Syrians themselves by focusing on the active establishment of archives and the processes of archiving.

Map of Syria

The project is a critical contribution to rethinking unstable temporal orderings of past, present, and future as it engages the question of how to theorize futurity. Hence, the research questions are: How do archives come into being, and how do they shape, regulate, and change perceptions, memories, and potential futures?


















Name Title Phone E-mail
Bandak, Andreas Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4551302514 E-mail
Crone, Christine Aster Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4527593391 E-mail
Mollerup, Nina Grønlykke Associate Professor +4535326079 E-mail


Independant Research Fund Denmark
Independent Research Foundation Denmark (DFF) Sapere Aude Starting Grant

Project period: 1 February 2020 to 30 June 2024
PI: Associate professor Andreas Bandak