Rearticulating Islam: A New Generation of Muslim Religious Leaders

Muslim religious authority structures are changing, in Denmark as well as globally. A new generation of Muslim religious leaders are facing particular challenges, possibilities and audiences, which demands a continuous rearticulation of Islam.

The research project Rearticulating Islam explores central aspects of this process by dealing with three questions:

  • How do Danish-speaking Muslim preachers and teachers articulate and embody Islam in religious discourse, and how can these expressions be understood?
  • Why do Scandinavian Muslims pursue Islamic education abroad, and what impact does this have?
  • How does the Danish public sector accommodate and use Muslim religious actors, practices and norms?

The project’s researchers will investigate these questions through e.g. interviews, document analyses and participant observation. 































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Lyngsøe, Maria Lindebæk Research Assistant +4522813448 E-mail


Rearticulating Islam: A New Generation of Muslim Religious Leaders is financed by the Velux Foundations.

PI: Associate professor Simon Stjernholm.