Danish Council for Independent Research Spring 2018

The Danish Council for Independent Research call for the autumn 2017 and spring 2018 is out. Please see the call here. Deadline for applications for FKK and FSE is 10 April @ 16:00. 

The following can be applied for: Sapere Aude Starting grant, research networks as well as PhD outside the universities.

Internal deadlines at ToRS:

Thursday 8 February 2018: If you would like to apply to have your project hosted at ToRS please send an email to charlott@hum.ku.dk not later than Wednesday 9 August with the following files filled in and attached: Staffing form, Summary of Academic Employment for each named participant in the project not already employed at UCPH and a max 1 page project description. Please write in the email text what you apply for (Research project 1 etc.).

NB! If you apply for Sapere Aude as PI prospective reduced or postponed teaching during the project period has to be agreed with the head of department BEFORE you apply for hosting of the project.

Conc. Co-financing of post doc positions: Please note that due to financial cuts at the University it is not possible to apply for co-financing from the department for post doc positions.

Applications to be hosted by TORS are evaluated by the management after which a reply is send to the applicant by research consultant Charlott Hoffmann Jensen.

Monday 26 February 2018: Deadline for submitting the budget form. The form should be send to Charlott Hoffmann Jensen on charlott@hum.ku.dk, who can also assist in the planning of the budget.

If you have access to the university intranet KUnet please also look into the faculty research support unit tool box (in Danish) if you need help in putting together the budget.

Other relevant information:

Informationsmeeting for the Research Council call: tbc

Peer Review: All applicants at ToRS for collaborative projects are offered internal peer review by 1 or 2 colleagues who has experience from writing or reading applications. As applicant you will receive an email from Charlott Hoffmann Jensen with information on internal deadlines etc.

PhD fellowships in collaborative projects: If you have named PhD fellows in your application please contact Charlott Hoffmann Jensen on charlott@hum.ku.dk concerning the internal pre-approval of the candidate.