Procedure for post doc applicants – University of Copenhagen

Procedure for post doc applicants who wants to be hosted at ToRS

Please fill out this form which should be sent with a max. one page project proposal to the management of ToRS via research consultant Charlott Hoffmann Jensen (, after which the management decides if they find the project relevant for the research areas at the department. Questions regarding the form can be addressed to

Please send your form in time for the deadline. The deadline for each major call will be announced on the web site. If your project is approved you will receive an email with the reply and information on how to proceed.

Please note that up to each DFF deadline the Faculty of Humanities is hosting an informations meeting and two workshops in collaboration with other faculties at the university. Dates are made public on KUnet for staff and through the English faculty website for others. Please contact for more information on the workshops and for signing up.

During the application process not only the project proposal itself but also a detailed budget has to be made. You have to calculate your expenses yourself based on the planned activities. If you need assistance in relation to the budget please contact Charlott Hoffmann Jensen at For the budget as well as calculating the salary a number of forms need to be filled out. The necessary documents can be seen at each call or please email Charlott Hoffmann Jensen and we will send them to you.  The documents should be sent to Charlott Hoffmann Jensen who will check the information before they are forwarded to the faculty economy center. The economy center will calculate the salary level of the applicant and enter the figures into the budget form to be used in connection with the specific call and return it to the applicant.

The final budget file should be forwarded to Charlott Hoffmann Jensen for attestation of the head of department. A copy of the full application in pdf format needs to be send to when it has been uploaded.