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All events and activities (MEDIASP)


20 May

Fra mainstream til diaspora: flerstemmighed og de mange sandheder i arabiske medier

Af Ehab Galal

Forelæsning: Københavns Universitet

5 April

Post-2011 Arab Diasporas: Non-Linear Dynamics of Identity Formation and Political Mobilization

By Sarah Anne Rennick, Center for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University

Workshop: University of Copenhagen

1 April

Different Media Attitudes Towards the Post-2011-Sexual Violence in the Arab World

Workshop by Jihan M. Z. Mahmoud, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (Aarhus University)

30 March

Kurdish diaspora mobilization in Denmark. Supporting the struggle in Syria

Af Anne Sofie Schøtt

Boglancering: Københavns Universitet

24 March

Beirut from ‘October Revolution’ of 2019 to the 4th August Explosion in 2020

By Maria M Rijo de Lopes da Cunha

Workshop: University of Copenhagen

13 Jan.

Legitimizing standpoints on a world pandemic by Arab states and religious authorities

By Ehab Galal

Dean's lecture series: Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Loads


18 Nov.

Exile: a polyvalent term Participate in the online even

By ElSayed Mahmoud ElSehamy, PhD candidate. University of  Manchester

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

11 Nov.

Turkish Paramilitarism Exported: The Case of SADAT in Post-Arab Spring Middle East Participate in the online event

By Dr Özlem Has

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

10 Nov.

Ringfenced religion? Egypt’s religious media between faith and politics

By Ehab Galal

 "Routledge Handbook on Contemporary Egypt"

Book launch: University, Canada

5 Nov.

Information on conflict areas in the era of social networks: Mexico and the Arab-Muslim world

By Mostafa Shehata & Ehab Galal

Conference. Departamento de Ciencias Políticas y Relaciones Internacionales, Mexico

4 Nov.

Time and Mobility/Immobility: The chronopolitics of mobility and the temporalities of suffering and hope Participate in the online event

By Dr Roza Tsagarousianou, University of Westminster

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

28 Oct.

Social media and contentious politics a decade on from the Arab uprisings Participate in the online event

By Dr Yazan Badran, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

21 Oct.

Discursive Game of (De)Sectarianization: Assad’s Acting ‘As if Not’ Participate in the online event

By Dr Mustafa Menshawy, University of Lancaster

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

14 Oct.

Was not doomed to defeat: Contingency and Radical Possibilities in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011

By Dr Atef Said, University of Illinois at Chicago

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

7 Oct.

Arab Resistance in the Diaspora Post-Arab Spring: Potentials, Limitations, and Future Prospects

By Dr Sahar Khamis, University of Maryland, College Park

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

30 Sep.

Different forms of Othering: Arab Diaspora Social Media in Sweden: Site of Information or Site of Struggle? Participate in the online event

By Dr Mahitab Ezz El Din, Linnaeus University, Sweden

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

23 Sep.

Resistant students: pathways of student activism in Post-Arab Spring Egypt Participate in the online event

By Saif Alislam Eid, Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. Qatar

Guest lecture: University of Copenhagen

6-9 Sep.

Diasporic political positions toward traditional media: An approach to understand media effects in diaspora

By Mostafa Shehata

Conference: The 8th ECREA “Communication and Trust: Building Safe, Sustainable and Promising Futures”. University of Minho

6-9 Sep.

Digital Authoritarianism: Silencing Dissident Syrians in Europe

By Zenia Bredmose Henriksen Ab Yonus

Conference: The 8th ECREA “Communication and Trust: Building Safe, Sustainable and Promising Futures”. University of Minho

2 July

The Creation of Shi’a Identity: Religion, History, Community

By Thomas Brandt Fibiger

Workshop: Aarhus University

1-3 July

The civilizational and religious shifts between theory and practice: Religious institutions at time of crisis from The Arab Spring till Covid-19

By Ehab Galal

Conference: Universität Tübingen, Zentrum für Islamische Theologie, Germany

24 June

Digital Repression and Diaspora

By Dana M. Moss. University of Notre Dame

Workshop: University of Copenhagen

27-31 May

Challenges in Arab Journalism after COVID-19

By Mostafa Shehata

Conference: ICA 2021 (virtual)

27 April

The Power of Faith: An Islamic and Christian Arab Perspective on Covid-19

By Ehab Galal

26-27 April

Conference: Religious responses to Covid-19 in media and politics: Muslim, Jewish and Christian experiences. University of Copenhagen


Religious responses to Covid-19 in media and politics: Muslim, Jewish and Christian experiences. University of Copenhagen

By Ehab Galal

Conference, University of Copenhagen

21-23 April

Mediatized Egyptian opposition in diaspora: Entangled

revolutionary spaces

By Ehab Galal

Conference: Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices and the Everyday

Utrecht University

9 March

Updates of the diasporic configurations ten years after the Arab Spring

Zoom event

10 Feb.

Guest lecture: Becoming an EX: Departing Islamism

University of Copenhagen

4 Feb.

Panel discussion at filmscreening of the Syrian documentary The Cave

DocLounge in Malmö

21 Jan.

Conference: Arab Diasporas in Europe: Spaces of Political Subjectivity Formation and Activist Engagement

Facebook event


12 Dec.

Talk: Beyond the Arab Uprisings Cultural Activism and the Rise of Digital Authoritarianism in a Post-Truth Age

University of Copenhagen

5-6 Dec.

Workshop: Heritage and National Identity Construction in the Gulf  Between State-building and Grassroots Initiatives

LSE Middle East Centre, London School of Economics

4 Dec.

Seminar: Hollywoods arabere  filmiske repræsentationer af orientaleren

Københavns Universitet

4 Dec.

Seminar: Meningsmålinger, Medier og Demokrati i Mellemøsten

Københavns Universitet

3 Dec.

Seminar: Transnational Islamic Television  The reconfiguration of a religious counter

Freie Universität Berlin

2 Dec.

Seminar: Projektpræsentation Mediatized Diaspora. Contentious Politics Among Arab Media Users In Europe

Islamic Culture and Society Research Unit (ICSRU), Aarhus Universitet

21 Nov.

Seminar: ’De andres’ vold gennem vestlige briller

Københavns Universitet

14 Nov.

Seminar: Medier, Diaspora og Religion

MEDIASP og Forum for Islamforskning, Københavns Universitet

13 Nov.

Seminar: Den egyptiske diaspora og kritiske medier  imellem religion og politik

Københavns Universitet

12 Nov.

Workshop: Religiøs identitet blandt syrere i Nordeuropa

Center For Samtidsreligion, Religionsvidenskab, Aarhus Universitet

30-31 Oct.

Conference: Digital Fortress Europe  Exploring Boundaries between Media, Migration and Technology

Brussels, Belgium

29 Oct.

Workshop: Diaspora, Media and Migration Young Scholars Workshop

Free University of Brussels

22 Oct.

Seminar: Hvorfor Bahrain? – personlige og geopolitiske perspektiver

Studenterforeningen Orientalisten, Aarhus Universitet

10 Sep.

Workshop: Sectarianism, Proxies and De-sectarianisation

University of Lancaster

5-6 Sep.

Conference: Regime-Critical Media and Arab Diaspora

Organized by the project Mediatized Diaspora, University of Copenhagen

4 Sep.

Workshop: Mediatization, Political communication and Diaspora: a discussion of concepts

University of Copenhagen

21-23 Aug.

Conference: NordMedia 2019  Communication, Creativity & Imagination

Malmö University

14-16 Aug.

The 11th Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies. Panel with all project members ‘Mediatized diaspora contesting Boundaries’

Helsinki University,

24 May

Årsmøde Antropologer i/og Medier

Dansk Etnografisk Forening og Antropologforeningen, Moesgaard Campus Aarhus Universitet

23 Apr.

Workshop: Diskussion af interviewmateriale

Center for samtidsreligion, Religionsvidenskab, Aarhus Universitet

22 Jan.

Workshop: Mediatized Diaspora: Contentious Politics among Arabs in Europe

University of Copenhagen


17-18 Dec.

Conference: Religion and Mediality

The Danish Association for the Study of Religion, Aarhus University

13-14 Dec.

Workshop: Sunni-Shi‘i Relations in Europe  How to Study Them?

Migration Institute of Finland

3 Dec.

Seminar: Mediatized Diaspora projektpræsentation, Mellemøstens forskningsseminarrække

Københavns Universitet

23 Nov.

Public talk: Modern Salafi Broadcasting

Gentofte Library

22 Nov.

Seminar: Minorities in the Muslim World

University of Copenhagen

5 Nov.

Seminar: Historisering af minoritetsbegrebet i relation til nationalstaten

Københavns Universitet

30 Oct.

Seminar: Mediatized Diaspora projektpræsentation

Center for Samtidsreligion, Religionsvidenskab, Aarhus Universitet

11 Oct.

Seminar: Commemoration Reframed

Moesgaard Campus, Aarhus University